Enjoy a stroll around Beppu, surrounded by the scent of hot spring water and steam

Enjoy a tour of Beppu, the city of hot springs, while taking in the aroma of hot spring water and the smell of steam that wafts from every corner of the city.

Walking around Beppu

Visitors can enjoy sightseeing and activities that capitalize on the rich nature unique to Beppu Onsenkyo, which consists of eight hot springs.

Sightseeing attractions

  • 別府地獄めぐり

    Beppu Jigoku Meguri

    It is a generic name for the Jigoku around Kannawa, where the source of the spring has been gushing out at about 100 degrees since ancient times. Jigoku Meguri is even mentioned in the "Bungo Fudoki,” a report on topography, culture, and climate prepared during the Nara period (710-794). Of the seven Jigoku with different colors and types of hot water, four, including Umi-Jigoku and Shiraike Jigoku, have been designated as national scenic spots.

    10-minute drive
  • Beppu Hachiyu
    (eight districts)


    Around Beppu—famous for its hot springs—there are eight hot springs that have developed as therapeutic baths: Beppu, Kannawa, Myoban, Hamawaki, Kankaiji, Hotta, Shibaseki, and Kamegawa. Each hot spring has different features. If you visit them all, you will be able to experience seven different variations of hot spring water quality.

  • Kitakoka Shopping Street


    This 50-meter-long shopping street—located under the elevated railway tracks of JR Beppu Station—is lined with cafes, general merchandise stores, a library, and other shops. The artistic, nostalgic atmosphere makes it a hot spot that attracts attention, particularly among young people.

    Approx three-minute walk
  • Takegawara Hot Spring


    Situated within walking distance of JR Beppu Station, this public hot spring with its eye-catching karahafu roof is equipped with an indoor bath and a sand bath. In addition to its hot springs—reputed to be effective for cuts and other injuries—it is also famous for its excellent appearance. In fact, it has been designated a Registered Tangible Cultural Property and a Heritage of Industrial Modernization.

    5-minute drive
  • Oita Fragrance Museum


    The museum features exhibits of rare perfumes and natural fragrances collected from around the world under the theme of “Fragrance." It also provides materials on the history of people and fragrance. The secret of its popularity is that visitors can make their own original perfumes and enjoy a leisurely soak in a natural hot spring footbath.

    10-minute drive
  • Beppu Beach Sand Bath


    This is a sand bath maintained in Shoningahama Park facing Beppu Bay. It is a rare hot spring to enjoy while covered from neck to feet in sand. Taking a bath in warm sand that uses hot spring heat is becoming increasingly popular for its detoxifying effects.

    10-minute drive
  • Yukemuri Observatory


    Here you can see Mount Tsurumi and Mount Ogi, and the steam rising from various parts of the city. It is a viewpoint from which you can enjoy a typical Beppu vista. Don't miss the nighttime spectacle on weekends, holidays, and during events, when hot springs are illuminated.

    10-minute drive
  • Beppu Ropeway


    The ropeway connects the foot of Mount Tsurumi with the summit of the mountain, which is Approx 1,300 meters above sea level. In addition to Beppu Bay and Mount Yufu, the Kuju mountain range and Shikoku can be seen depending on weather conditions. Visitors can enjoy seasonal scenery such as Kyushu azalea in spring, autumn leaves in fall, and snow in winter.

    Approx 15-minute drive
  • Yunohana Koya


    Myoban Hot Spring is characterized by straw huts and the unmistakable smell of sulfur. This is the only place in the world where the process of making yunohana, or hot spring mineral encrustations, is inherited, and you can visit the yunohana hut free of charge. Family baths with straw-wood roof and a large open-air bath on a hillside are also popular.

    Approx 15-minute drive
  • Kijima Kogen Park


    There are a variety of thrilling attractions that adults can fully enjoy at this amusement park, such as Jupiter, Japan's first wooden roller coaster, and Newton, a vertical drop from a height of 40 meters. There is also a footbath, a restaurant, and a store selling Oita souvenirs.

    Approx 20-minute drive


  • ゆのくにクルーザー

  • Jigoku Mushi


    Using hot spring steam, eggs, vegetables, meat, and other ingredients are steamed in a colander. This is a traditional cooking method of Beppu, which has a deep connection with natural hot water. The salt content in the steam accentuates the natural flavor of the ingredients, and Jigoku mushi is becoming increasingly popular as a healthy way to prepare food.

  • Bamboo Craft Experience


    Oita Prefecture is Japan's largest producer of madake, or Japanese timber bamboo, and Beppu has long been a town where crafts using high-quality bamboo have flourished. There are also spots where beginners can try their hand at weaving shikainami baskets with wave-like patterns or making cute suzutake, or bamboo bells.

  • Forest Adventure Beppu

    フォレスト アドベンチャー・別府

    Forest Adventure, which operates outdoor parks in harmony with nature originating in France, was established as the 32nd facility of its kind in Japan. Aerial walks through the trees, zip-slides, and other nature-based adventures await you.

    Approx 20-minute drive

Golf courses

  • Beppu Ogiyama Golf Club

    The golf course is only a three-minute drive from the Beppu IC and a 15-minute drive from downtown Beppu. The course is characterized by a richly undulating terrain that capitalizes on the natural topography of Mount Ogi. It also offers scenic views of Beppu Bay and the pleasure of a leisurely soak in a natural hot spring after a round.

    10-minute drive
  • Shiraki Golf Club

    The golf course offers a panoramic view of Beppu Bay and features a mountain course that incorporates natural undulations. There is also a free putting green, a large public bath with natural hot spring water, and a restaurant with a splendid view.

    Approx 20-minute drive
  • Kijima Kogen Golf Club

    Situated adjacent to Kijima Kogen Park, the golf course is enveloped in the atmosphere of a highland resort. Many of the courses are characterized by gently undulating terrain that takes advantage of the vast sites that were once ranches. After playing, you can enjoy a healthy sweat in the hot springs and sauna attached to the hotel.

    Approx 25-minute drive

Stretch your legs

There are sightseeing spots enveloped in nature scattered across Oita. Here are some of the sights that might inspire you to stretch your legs and visit.

  • 湯布院散策

    Stroll around Yufuin

    Yufuin is one of the most popular hot spring resorts in Kyushu, with an abundance of hot spring water. We recommend touring the area by horse-drawn carriage, where you can take in the countryside scenery and historical spots all at once, with Mt. Yufuin standing majestically in the background. In winter, many visitors come for the amazing sight of the morning mist.

    Approx 30-minute drive
  • Umitamago Aquarium


    The aquarium's attraction is its close proximity to sea creatures. Attractions include Asobiichi, where you can actually go into the water and play with dolphins, and Touchpool, where you can touch stingrays. Don't miss the backyard tour with commentary from the keepers, and the dolphin and walrus shows.

    10-minute drive
  • Takasakiyama Natural Zoo


    The area is home to about 1,000 wild Japanese macaques. It is characterized by the absence of cages, allowing close contact with the monkeys. And it is not unusual for the monkeys to approach visitors. Visitors can observe the expressive monkeys as well as the feeding of the animals at the gathering place.

    10-minute drive
  • Oita Prefectural Art Museum


    Designers of the modern exterior of the museum include Shigeru Ban, winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, referred to as the “Nobel Prize“ of architecture. Many works by artists with connections to Oita, including contemporary Japanese painters Heihachiro Fukuda and Tatsuo Takayama, are on display.

    Approx 15-minute drive
  • Harmonyland


    A theme park featuring Sanrio characters where visitors can enjoy attractions and watch a parade. This is a must-visit spot, even if you are not a Sanrio fan.

    Approx 25-minute drive
  • African Safari


    Visitors can admire Approx 1,400 animals of about 70 species living freely in the 1.15 million-square-meter expanse of prairie in near-wild conditions. Guests also like the jungle bus experience, in which they can feed lions, elephants, giraffes, and other animals directly through wire netting.

    Approx 30-minute drive
  • Yufugawa Canyon


    Located in the upper reaches of the Yufu River, there is a gorge with a stream Approx 12 kilometers long at the bottom of a sheer cliff. It is also famous for the scenic beauty of the water cascading down the moss-covered rock surface. The site has been registered as one of Oita's top 100 scenic spots and an Oita Heritage. It is also known as the "Tirol of the East.”

    Approx 30-minute drive

Seasonal events

Embark on a voyage in search of amazing landscapes and events that can only be experienced at certain times of the year.

  • 別府八湯温泉まつり

    Beppu Hattou Onsen Festival

    One of the largest festivals in Beppu takes place around the first week of April every year. Each area holds its own unique events.
    Among them, the "Ougiyama Fire Festival," which heralds the arrival of spring to the god of hot springs, is a springtime tradition in Beppu. On the last day of the festival, the "Hot Spring Bukkake Festival" is held on the street in front of Beppu Station, where all participants pour hot spring water over each other to express their gratitude for the rich blessings of the eight hot springs in Beppu.

  • Beppu Hinoumi Festival


    A summer festival held over three days in late July at Matogahama Park and Spa Beach.
    At the Beppu Ekimae-dori venue, various events such as the "Beppu Night Market" will be held. The Beppu Spa Beach venue will host the "Noryo Ondo Festival" and many other events will be held at each venue.
    The "Golden Peacock," the finale of the Noryo Fireworks Festival held on the last night of the festival, is a must-see.

    Approx 10-minute walk to Spa Beach
  • Beppu Christmas Fantasia

    べっぷクリスマス ファンタジア

    Held at Matogahama Park and Spa Beach on the weekend just before Christmas. On the first day, a large number of children will sing Christmas songs, and on the second day, artists will perform on a live stage.
    The two-day event is a well-known winter tradition in Beppu, with a total of more than 10,000 fireworks shot into the clear midwinter night sky.

    Approx 10-minute walk to Spa Beach
  • MUSIC FESTIVAL Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu


    The Argentine pianist Martha Argerich is the general director of the festival. Every year during April and May, various orchestral and chamber music concerts are held mainly at venues in Beppu and Oita cities.

  • Sentomyo

    This autumn festival decorates Beppu Park, located in the center of Beppu City, with Approx 12,000 lanterns made using traditional Japanese paper and illuminated bamboo objects enthusiastically created by kindergarten and elementary school students in the city. The brilliant light invites you into a dream-like world.

    Approx 5-minute drive to Beppu Park
  • Oita Minori Festa

    This agricultural festival is held in Beppu Park in October, when the harvest season is in full swing. The festival features a wide range of local products from the prefecture, encompassing everything from agricultural and marine products to chargrilled prefectural meat, local cuisine, woodwork, and furniture. Events such as Japanese drums and dancing also add to the enjoyment.

    Approx 5-minute drive to Beppu Park
  • Beppu Mount Tsurumi Extreme Cold Endurance Contest

    In January, basically the coldest time of year, four competitions are held on snow-covered Mount Tsurumi. These include a shaved ice and somen noodle eating contest, hell's needle work (where participants try threading a needle after dipping their hands in freezing cold water), and an ice pillar clinging contest. If you feel you are healthy and strong enough, you are welcome to participate.

    Approx 15-minute drive to Beppu Ropeway
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